Project Description

eXcentric Rose wine

eXcentric Rose

Balance and harmony between the different varieties

Origin: Thracian valley
Vintage: 2021
Variety: Mavrud & Syrah & Melnik 55 & Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol content: 14% vol
Date of harvest: 22 September – 10 October

History: The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes come from Medi’s own vineyards in the area of the village of Smochevo. The Mavrud, Syrah and Melnik 55 grapes come from a specially selected vineyard in the Thracian lowland. The concept for the wine was built on the balance between the four varieties and the harmony between their aromas, formed under long low temperature fermentation. The main idea is to preserve Incanto style, built during the last years.

Vinification: The grapes for this wine were picked in different days. After 3 to 6 hours maceration with the skins, the juice was separated. The blending was done during the fermentation. Fermentation in inox for 45 days at a temperature of 14°С.

Tasting notes: Beautiful pale pink color, with shades of ripe peach and brilliant shine. Tender, fine, rich and attractive aroma of wild strawberries and white cherries with accent of violets and white flowers. The taste is fruity, with nice freshness. The finish is long, with soft and tender fruity aftertaste.