Project Description

eXcentric Incanto Melnik 55 wine

eXcentric Melnik


Origin: Struma River Valley (Melnik)
Vintage: 2020
Variety: Early Melnik Vine /Melnik 55/
Alcohol content: 14,5% vol
Date of harvest: 22 September

History: eXcentric Melnik 55 is the first wine produced from Early Melnik vine /Melnik 55/ by Medi Valley. The variety is emblematic for the Struma River Valley and for the modern Bulgarian viticulture. This is another Medi Valley’s wine following the philosophy for creating wines with their own style and unique character out of local grape varieties. The wine, gathered in itself warmth and shine, unique fragrances and richness of flavors, reflects in its palette the exotic and unspoiled nature of the Bulgarian Southwest.

Vinification: This wine was made of the grapes of a single vineyard in the region of the town of Melnik. The grapes were picked on September 22, and it was selected on the vineyard. In the cellar, it was sorted again. Matured 12 months in new French oak barrels. Batonage was done. The cold stabilization, which is stressing for the wine, was avoided. Unfiltered.

Tasting notes: The color is beautiful, deep, ruby red with brighter shades. The aroma is specific, rich and concentrated. The nose is of ripe black cherry, dried fruits, cedar and chocolate which spill over the aromas of spices, after which the unique strings of tobacco and luxury cigars can be found. The taste is very soft, attractive, fruity and spicy. The velvet and voluminous body is underlined by elegant vanilla-chocolate strings.