The Incanto (the Italian word for charm) trade mark is the premium brand of Medi Valley Winery created for real connoisseurs and collectors of wines. It represents the philosophy of the Winery to create specific terroir wines with unique character that describe the qualities of the grapes, the region (Struma Valley) and the understanding of enologists for wine, tenderness and harmony.

The Incanto wines are produced with the best specially selected and without compromises grapes, and only from years when the enologists possess the best resource picked in the optimal technological age and ripeness. The wines produced under this trade mark are:

Chardonnay barrel fermented Incanto
Syrah single vineyard Incanto
Merlot single vineyard Incanto.

Incanto wines, made of red grapes, age twelve months in new French casks, type „barriques”, to reach maturity and harmony. However, the wine in each barrel has its own life and develops differently.
So, at the end of each cask’s aging, from the wines that carry the uniqueness of the Struma terroir from the northern to the south most ends we choose the best few that fully represent the understanding of wine with extraordinary style and combination between gentleness and harmony. This is Incanto Black – Medi Valley Winery’s top wine.

incanto wines