Project Description

excentric viognier

eXcentric Viognier

Wine with tender, complex and fruity taste

Origin: Danube plain
Variety: Viognier 100%
Alcohol content: 13% vol
Date of harvest: 29 August

History: eXcentric are wines in which the different and the strange create the style. These are again wines from single vineyard, expressing in their richness of flavors and tastes different interesting terroirs. Unlike Incanto the grapes of one vineyard is vinificated using a few different technologies. The freedom of ideas lead to the creation of wines with different characteristics. They mature independently and develop under different conditions until they are blended. The creation of eXcentric is reaching harmony between the different wines and making style.

Vinification: The grapes were picked on August 29th and were precisely selected on the vineyard. At the winery, after second selection they were vinified using a few different technologies. After 14 hour cold maceration with the skins, a small part of the juice was put into new, specially made French oak barriques, in which they fermented under a temperature of 16-20°С. The other part fermented in inox barrels under two different temperature regimes. After that part of the wines that fermented in inox matured in French oak barriques and the greater part of the wines remained in inox barrels where they shaped their harmony. Malolactic fermentation and batonage were made selectively. The cold stabilization which is stressing for the eXcentric Incanto Viognier wine was avoided. Part of the wines were blended in certain proportions.

Tasting notes: Distinguished with a straw-yellow color. Composite fragrance consists of scents of citrus, apricot, honey, ripe exotic fruit and hints of vanilla. Smooth and juicy body. Delicate, complex and fruity taste with a pleasant freshness. The finish is long-lasting and fruity.