MEDI VALLEY successfully uses a number of different Bulgarian varieties. Excentric is a renowned brand made quite popular and much loved by wines such as Rubin, Melnik and Mavrud. Three years ago, during a discussion held at a business meeting about the markets and the growing interest in wines made of Bulgarian varieties, that initial idea resurfaced, together with the name. So we asked ourselves two questions and we gave the answers; the next thing we did was develop a concept about the wine, and then produce it.

What did we believe in?
In the unequalled potential of the Bulgarian varieties; In the fact that they are a national treasure, a part of our country’s identity; that they have all it takes to represent the Bulgarian winemaking traditions to the whole world.

What was our goal?
To make a good wine

What did we do?
With the Rubin we built the body of the wine, its thickness and its ripened fruitiness. Then we merged all that with the spicy piquancy and characteristic flavours and aromas of Melnik 55. We added a pinch of otherness with some Mavrud and a couple of tender notes with the Gamza. The ripeness of the grapes and the ageing process in the barrels added some additional overtones of chocolate, vanilla, nuts, and toast. And, staying true to our philosophy, we made this blend for the connoisseurs of rich wines which have their own style and their personal multilayered aromatic profile.

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