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great bulgaria wine

Great Bulgaria


Origin: Rubin and Mavrud – Thracian Valley, Melnik 55 – Southwest Bulgaria (Sandanski area), Gamza – Northwest Bulgaria
Vintage: 2021
Variety: Rubin, Melnik, Mavrud, Gamza
The ratio of each variety is such that it brings optimal harmony and balance to the flavour. We didnt want to focus on proportions because this wine is not just a recipe for well-measured blending of these Bulgarian varieties. The blend was the decision of the oenologists and it reflects their vision for the product.
Alcohol content: 13,5 % vol
Date of harvest: 15 September – 7 October

History: This wine stands on 30 years of experience, numerous experiments and quite a few very successful wines made of Bulgarian grape varieties. Two decades ago when the harmony between Rubin and Melnik was first discovered, the idea was born to make a wine which brings together these two most famous red Bulgarian grape varieties. However, the time was not right.  No one would have been overly impressed with it back then. Many years had to pass by and many good wines had to be made in order to get the well-deserved respect for these Bulgarian varieties. And then a couple of years more were to go by before the wines made of these varieties could finally occupy the rightful place of a product in which the world market has genuine interest and which it inevitably demands.

Vinification: This wine is a blend of separately made wines. The grapes are selected in the vineyard. They are sorted during processing on a double sorting table: after going through the destemmer, they are further sorted by removing all stem parts left behind after the destemming, together with all damaged and unripe grapes, and then it is vinified in stainless steel fermentation vessels. Cold maceration, temperature control 25-28°С, vatting for 14 to 18 days, malolactic fermentation.  90% of the wine matures for 10 to 12 months in French oak barrels: new, unused, with lees stirring. The detrimental technique of cold stabilization is avoided altogether. The wine is not filtered.

Tasting notes: With the Rubin we built the body of the wine, its thickness and its ripened fruitiness. Then we merged all that with the spicy piquancy and characteristic flavours and aromas of Melnik 55. We added a pinch of otherness with some Mavrud and a couple of tender notes with the Gamza. The ripeness of the grapes and the ageing process in the barrels added some additional overtones of chocolate, vanilla, nuts, and toast. And, staying true to our philosophy, we made this blend for the connoisseurs of rich wines which have their own style and their personal multilayered aromatic profile.