In 2010 Medi Valley launched a new concept for the winery, with the objective of transforming it into the pearl in the crown of the Bulgarian Southwest. The Winery started creating interesting, rich, specific terroir wines with individual style and unique character, made of grapes, specially selected at their optimal ripeness for each type of wine.
The Medi’s wines are divided by variety and style into different price and quality categories. The brands are the basic series – A Good Year, the middle-class series eXcentric Incanto and the premium brand Incanto.


The wines in this line are produced from grapes harvested in optimal technological maturity, most of them aged 6 to 12 months in used oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters. The production of this line started with harvesting in 2011 and is in sale since the fall of 2012; it quickly gained popularity among connoisseurs and experts in Bulgaria and abroad for its excellent value for money. Most of the wines in this line were received recognition and medals from various international and national competitions. The concept of the line is that good wine with recognizable style can be made from grapes grown under the conditions of a good year only. A Good Year Wine Line includes single grape and blended wines, made of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mavrud, Rubin, Chardonnay, Viognier, Traminer, and… Read more


he eXcentric line are wines with high quality at an eccentrically good price where the different and the strange create the style.

At the end of 2015 the eXcentric series added also a Rock and Roll label – wine, dedicated to the maestro of Bulgarian rock music Ivan Lechev.

At the end of 2020 we visually updated the series – the old design was not out-of-date, but we decided that it was time for significant change. We were aiming at even cleaner look, with less colors and strong presence of minimalist paper embellishments like embossing and debossing. Great new moment in this restyle were the rounded corners we added at the left edge of the label and the amazing paper texture we had from Jade raster paper. Read more

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The Incanto wines are produced with the best specially selected and without compromises grapes, and only from years when the enologists possess the best resource picked in the optimal technological age and ripeness. Incanto wines, made of red grapes, age twelve months in new French casks, type „barriques”, to reach maturity and harmony. However, the wine in each barrel has its own life and develops differently. So, at the end of each cask’s aging, from the wines that carry the uniqueness of the Struma terroir from the northern to the south most ends we choose the best few that fully represent the understanding of wine with extraordinary style and combination between gentleness and harmony. This is… Read more


Small Bottle Size – 187 ml

In A Good Year series, we produce a part of the wines in small bottles size 0.187 l (a quarter of a standard bottle or a glass of wine). Sweet and charming vision of the package, suitable for every wine occasion with many uses for true wine lovers. We offer for your exciting events: A Good Year Sauvignon Blanc (187 ml), A Good Year Chardonnay (187 ml), A Good Year Rose (187 ml) и A Good Year Merlo (187 ml).