Project Description

good year traminer

A Good Year Traminer Pink

Aroma of roses, violets and honey

Origin: The Valley of Struma river, own vineyards in village of Smochevo.
Vintage: 2021
Variety: Traminer
Alcohol content: 13% vol
Date of harvest: 12 September

History: Medi Valley’s vineyards in the village of Smochevo are the first ones in the Struma River Valley planted with Traminer /Gewurztraminer/. The specificity of the terroir which is exceptionally favorable for growing white varieties, under the conditions of a good year, contribute to the creation of Traminer wine, having its own, unique aromatic profile. We have emphasized on the nature of the variety. We have preserved its pale pink color nuance. The pale pink nuance is the result of a longer cold maceration during which the pink skins colored the juice.

Vinification: Selected grapes from own vineyard. Maceration with skins for 48 hours. Fermentation in inox at a temperature 12-14°С for 45 days.

Tasting notes: Distinguished with beautiful pale pink color. The flavor is tender and fruity, with fragrances of rose, violets and acacia honey. The fruits are dominating also the taste. The body is smooth and tender with nice freshness, while the aftertaste lasts long and is fruity.