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Good Year Rose

A Good Year Rose

Brilliant glitter and fruity aftertaste

Origin: Thracian Valley
Vintage: 2021
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc & Merlot & Rubin
Alcohol content: 14,5% vol
Date of harvest: 21 September/15 October

History: As a style the rose is a wine category which allows a richness of styles resulting from different creative solutions. The moment of separating the juice from the skins and the fermentation methods after that determine the type and the intensity of the flavors. In this wine a harmony between the flavors of the four classic red grape varieties is achieved. Unique style is created, having aristocratic elegance, overflowing one ton in another fruitiness of flavor and tenderness of taste.

Vinification: Maceration with the skins for 6 hours. Fermentation in inox for 30 days at a temperature 14-16°С.

Tasting notes: Beautiful rose color with brilliant glitter. Tender, fine, rich and attractive flavor of ripe strawberry, black cherry, raspberry and violets. The taste is fruity, with nice freshness. The finish is extraordinary long with soft and tender fruity aftertaste.