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Incanto Chardonnay

Charming wine with explosive flavor of citrus

Origin: The valley of Struma river, own vineyards in village of Smochevo
Vintage: 2021
Variety: Chardonnay 100%
Alcohol content: 14% vol
Date of harvest: 12 September

History: Incanto brand was established in 2010 with the first vintage, revealing the enchantment (from the Italian word “Incanto”, meaning “charm”) of Chardonnay grapes from the winery’s own vineyards. The twelfth vintage of this wine is the newest white story of Medi Valley. Frequentative gold medal winner of Vinaria wine competition.

Vinification: The grape was picked on September 12th and it was precisely selected on the vineyard. In the cellar, after a second selection and 14 hour cold maceration with the skins, the pressed juice was poured into new, specially made French oak barrels, where it fermented under a temperature of 16-20°С. The malolactic fermentation after that and the batonnage have formed the harmony of wine’s taste. After a six months’ aging in the barrels it was taken out and bottled. Thus the cold stabilization, which is stressing for the wine, was avoided.

Tasting notes: Impressive straw-yellow color with shades of old gold. Explosive fragrance, composed of citrus, acacia honey, ripe exotic fruits, vanilla nuance scents. Rich, tender, complex and fruity taste. The finish is long and fruity, the feeling of ripe sweetness, freshness and tenderness remains.