Project Description

Sauvignon Blanc

eXcentric Incanto Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc

The traditional winner

Origin: Struma Valley
Vintage: 2017
Variety: Chardonnay 80%, Sauvignon blanc 20%
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Date of harvest: Sauvignon Blanc – 10 September and Chardonnay – 11 September

History: Excentric are wines in which the different and the strange create the style. Maintaining the idea of enchantment, they retain the word Incanto (from Italian – enchantment) in their name. These are again wines from single vineyard, expressing in their richness of flavors and tastes different interesting terroirs. Unlike Incanto the grapes of one vineyard is vinificated using a few different technologies. The freedom of ideas lead to the creation of wines with different characteristics. They mature independently and develop under different conditions until they are blended. The creation of eXcentric is reaching harmony between the different wines and making style.

Vinification: The grapes from both varieties come from Medi Valley’s own vineyards in the area of the village of Smochevo. The Sauvignon Blanc were picked on September 10th and were precisely selected on the vineyard. At the winery, after second selection and 14 hour cold maceration with the skins, the clear juice fermented under a temperature of 14°С for 45 days. The same selection was made for the Chardonnay. Its vinification was made under two different technologies. After 14 hour cold maceration with the skins, 25% of the juice was poured into new, specially made French oak barrels in which it fermented under a temperature of 16-20°С. The rest of the juice fermented in inox under a temperature of 14°С for 45 days. After that 15% of the wine which fermented in inox matured in French oak barrels for 4 months and the other part remained in inox where it formed its harmony. Batonage was done for all wines and for the Chardonnay – malolactic fermentation as well. The wines were blended 14 days before the bottling. The cold stabilization which is stressing for the wine was avoided. The eXcentric Incanto Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc wine won golden medal at the 2016 international Winery competition.

Tasting notes: Beautiful straw-yellow color. Multilayer flavor, built by aromas of citrus, acacia honey, ripe exotic fruits, complemented by accents of grapefruit and notions of vanilla. Smooth, very tender and juicy body. Caressing, complex and fruity taste with a pleasant freshness. The finish is long and fruity. The eXcentric Incanto Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc wine was awarded the big trophy Golden Rython at the international wine competition Vinaria 2015.